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Connecting the dots between web and mobile experience is a big challenge. My approach on the PREACH app, a side project designed in 2017, was to connect the two different platforms using one single styling library. The styling library, that consists of:

Project PREACH - Onboarding 1
Project PREACH - Onboarding 2
Project PREACH - Onboarding 3
Project PREACH - Feed 1
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From mobile to web

A big part of the whole process, is defining the company’s style guide. Optimistically, a style guide is applied to every product of a company and that’s where the magic lies: it scales so good while it keeps everything visual-wise and experience-wise aligned. On top of that, I’ve used the same set of styling rules for different versions and product needs, such as landing pages, sales decks, employee material etc. Basic pillars of the style guide included:

  • Consistent patterns

  • Continuous visual language

Project PREACH - Image 1
Project PREACH - Feed 3
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Project PREACH - Image 1
Project PREACH - Image 1
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Project PREACH - Profile 1
Project PREACH - Commerce 1
Project PREACH - Profile 1

Music discovery app

An example that lets you discover your next favorite artist or even music genre. The flow is simple. You pick your favorite genre - and it should automatically start proposing new artists. Once a user spot an artist he likes, he can dig him as much as he wants. Core features include:

  • Intuitive layout

  • Your discoveries

  • Extended artst page

Project PREACH - App 1
Project PREACH - App 2
Project PREACH - App 3

Style guide

The fundamental pool of elements that connects all the pieces together. There are many elements included - such as:

  • Cards

  • Web layout patterns

  • Navigations

Project PREACH - Style guide
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