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Hello there - nice to finally meet you. I’m Andrew Chraniotis. I am a designer whose primary focus is on creating interactive and usable interfaces for both mobile and web. I love colors, typography and all the little big details. I spend my time working on designing products, identities and experiences with a strong focus on:

  • Art direction

  • Product design

  • Interaction design

I started my design career as an intern for a local design agency. I mostly made projects for local businesses and clients. After my internship ended, I was approched by a start-up company called Avocarrot to lead their freshly started product design effort. I worked closely with various people to produce high-end products to accomodate the fast growing user-base. Six months later, Avocarrot was acquired by Glispa Global Group. The next big challenge was to re-build our existing product line - to accomodate a bigger user-base and more demanding market needs.

Furthermore, among with Cherise - I’ve created UTech. Essentially, UTech is made for start-up founders and designers. The concept is straightforward, save time and money by passing to developers a ready set of in-app screens based on real business requirements.

Let's create a loop - and become friends