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Onboarding experience

Collecting feedback and iterating on Avocarrot Onboarding


During my time at Avocarrot I worked closely with Avocarrot Exchange product team at the Onboarding/App creation feature. We had designed the whole product (including the 1st iteration of this feature) earlier that year, and we were in the process of measuring what we had designed and what impact it had.

Zooming in, the Onboarding/App creation experience is crucial for every publisher. It’s when he’ll integrate his app details into our platform and integrate our SDK, to start receiving native ads and start making money. This cycle is illustrated below:

Project Avocarrot Onboarding - Overview


Starting off, we had documented all of our potential user personas and what Onboarding/App creation experience they would like to have. With our cycle mapped out we were able to mock and design a solution based off the Avocarrot Style Guide. The steps required for the publisher to finish his integration with Avocarrot were as follows:

Project Avocarrot Onboarding - Iteration 1


After we released this feature, we identified a bottleneck around the 2 steps related to Ad unit. More specifically, we had 2 funnels in place: one for first-time users and one for returning users. We’ve identified the bottleneck equally in both of our funnels, slightly higher for the first time user.

We didn’t stop there, we keep pushing for more numbers and qualitative feedback. We synced with the support team and we saw a lot of support tickets and questions around this creation flow. Moreover, we contacted some users via mail - some really veteran users of Avocarrot who were in our platform making money for 3-4 years, and they shared some brutal feedback from their experience while setting up their newest apps.


Having numbers in place, we saw that different users had the same selections of options over and over again. They kept choosing the same Ad Units or Ad Networks that made sense to them. So, we thought that we could make some educated assumptions and apply some default values to multiple steps. That way, we would enable the publisher to simply scan the page without changing anything and we could remove some steps. We’d let users config certain stuff we’d hide now, later - inside the dashboard. Eventually, we ended up with a much simpler experience:

Project Avocarrot Onboarding - Iteration 2


When we rolled out the second version of the Onboarding/App creation experience we saw a huge improvement in both funnel numbers and support tickets’ generation. More specifically, we saw:

  • 45%+ completion rate of our funnels

  • 2x times faster completion of the flow

We’ve also made a special Intercom message for a certain segment of users (those who were older members) and we’ve asked them feedback for the updated onboarding experience. The responses were much better this time around, stating that we had provided a much simpler, understandable and convenient experience. Since we saw that our iteration had better results, we documented this one-page design pattern for all the potential matching needs next features would have.


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