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Avocarrot Demand Platform

The other 1/2 of Avocarrot. It's where advertisers sign in, integrate and view reports for the traffic their buying


The mission of this product was to make the relationship between Avocarrot and Advertisers (DSPs), better. The main needs DSPs (the primary users) had, was to make it easier for them to track their spend on Avocarrot Exchange, provide meaningful insights to plan their bidding strategy and let them config their bidders on the go.

Project Avocarrot Demand - Overview


This platform is an internal tool, which targets especially the Avocarrot’s DSPs/advertisers. The level of transparency for data, was a major pillar and a strong requirement while building this. It was clear that we should emphasize on the reporting experience, in order to achieve two things:

  • 1. Have many metrics, visualizations and functionality in browser’s real estate

  • 2. Avoid back and forth between Avocarrot's account managers and DSPs

In addition, certain parts of functionality should live there too. For instance: registering, accepting and validating a new bidder for Avocarrot exchange, should be done via this platform.

Project Avocarrot Demand - User stories
Project Avocarrot Demand - User stories
Project Avocarrot Demand - User flow whiteboard


Throughout the project we’ve repeated the same process we used while designing the Avocarrot Exchange. I’ve also used the same style-guide - the one I created for the Avocarrot Exchange - and for all the Avocarrot products, really. We’ve identified the main parts of the platform and grouped them together in order to provide a consistent experience. The main parts we’ve identified were:

  • Reporting

  • Inventory

  • Bidders

  • Deals

Reporting and inventory are the tabs where DSPs can view their performance and the global Avocarrot traffic. Bidders is the tab where DSPs can create/update/validate new bidders - and Deals is the tab where essentially, advertisers can setup a special deal with Avocarrot’s publishers, mostly for fixed rates.

Product Image
Product Image
Product Image
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The major benefit is that we’ve managed to eliminate the back and forth between Avocarrot’s account managers and DSPs (and furthermore, advertisers). The status quo up until that point was to sent weekly mails to 70+ different DSPs - either for reporting or private deal purposes.

Avocarrot Demand Platform solved this and in the meantime, saved account managers tons of hours of manual work. In addition, it was a great value-adding product inside the Avocarrot ecosystem because it translated immidiately to transparency and credibility. Moreover, it has a solid foundation and it can grow with more functionality to solve more needs.

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Avocarrot Exchange Platform

The Exchange is the 1/2 of Avocarrot. It's where mobile app publishers sign up, integrate and make money from ads. We've built a smooth experience to make those tasks, easier.


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